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  • Zeropoint Technologies raises 60 MSEK

    Zeropoint Technologies raises 60 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, technology that can reduce the energy consumption of data centers by more than 25% and increase performance): Has raised 60 MSEK in a funding round led by Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. Matterwave Ventures, Chalmers Ventures, and Climentum Capital also participated. The new capital will be used to grow and expand the company’s international…

  • FinestLoveVC secures 10 MEUR

    FinestLoveVC secures 10 MEUR

    (Helsinki, a VC that supports high school and university student startups in the Finest Bay Area): Has secured 10 MEUR for its new fund. Led by Peter Vesterbacka and member Kustaa Valtonen, FinestLoveVC plans to launch 100 funds totaling 1 billion EUR in the coming years.

  • Syre raises 1.1 billion SEK

    Syre raises 1.1 billion SEK

    (Stockholm, a textile impact company decarbonizing the industry through textile-to-textile recycling): Has raised 1.1 billion SEK in a funding round from Giant Ventures, Norrsken, Imas, Volvo Cars and H&M with founding member Karl-Johan Persson. The plan is to use the funds to build a pilot factory in the US.



    🇸🇪   In the latest episode of Patric blir Ängel, Nora Bavey from Unconventional Ventures shares her journey from being a single mother to leading a quarter-billion impact fund. This episode is a must-watch for investors seeking inspiration and a lesson on how to save the world and make money at the same time. 🇺🇸 🔎  OpenAI announced a new flagship…

  • Majority raises 200 MSEK

    Majority raises 200 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a digital financial service dedicated to the success of modern migrants in the US): Has raised 200 MSEK in a funding round from Victor Jacobsson, Hjalmar Winbladh, Magnus Nilsson and founding member Jacob de Geer. As of April 2024, Majority reached an ARR of 430 MSEK.

  • Cetasol raises 2 MEUR

    Cetasol raises 2 MEUR

    (Gothenburg, AI-powered energy optimization solutions for marine sustainability): Has raised 2 MEUR in a funding round from Sarsia, ShipsFocus and Impact X Capital. Early investors in Cetasol include member Daniel Rundgren. Cetasol’s platform is an AI-driven decision support system to reduce emissions through energy optimization. It’s compatible with any vessel, offering actionable insights and real-time support.

  • North House raises 5 MSEK

    North House raises 5 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a digital solution that helps you establish, update and deploy governance best practices): Has raised 5 MSEK in a funding round from Sören Mellstig and members Maria Hedengren and Ann Grevelius. “The need exists, the solution is available, and the team’s passion for this area is nothing short of impressive,” comments Ann Grevelius.

  • Meela raises 8 MSEK

    Meela raises 8 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, personalizes therapy for women by matching them to their best-fit therapist): Has raised 8 MSEK in a funding round from existing investors. Early investors in Meela include member Elsa Hyland and Unconventional Ventures with members Nora Bavey and Thea Messel. Meela was valued at 79 MSEK in the round.

  • Leya raises 114 MSEK

    Leya raises 114 MSEK

     (Stockholm, a generative AI company tackling time-consuming and complex tasks across practice areas and legal systems): Has raised 114 MSEK in a funding round from Benchmark, SV Angel, Hummingbird and Y-Combinator. Early investors in Leya include members Erik Engellau-Nilsson and Stefan Tengvall. In the round, Leyas’ valuation skyrocketed to over 500 MSEK, well above the previous valuation of 5 MSEK in its earlier round.

  • Norrsken VC secures 3.7 billion SEK

    Norrsken VC secures 3.7 billion SEK

    (Stockholm, an impact VC fund investing in startups solving the world’s biggest problems): Has secured 3.7 billion SEK for its new fund from Folksam, AP-fonden, the EIC and Ramsbury Invest with founding member Karl-Johan Persson. “There are 38 times more impact startups per capita in Sweden than the global average. That is impressive. But this needs to happen in all countries; we…