Who are we?

Nordic Angels is an initiative looking to unite the angels in the Nordic startup ecosystem to increase both bandwidth and leverage. The definition of an Angel is any business angel who is contributing to the startup ecosystem as either an investor, board member, advisor and/or in any other way invests time, capital or efforts to help the startup scene thrive.


An ecosystem
for investors

The Nordic Angels platform includes events, data collection, data sharing, networking tools and other digital products (see below) to help generate powerful connections, insights and efficiency within the community.

& Features

Deal flow sharing

Networking Platform

Deal Sharing, Match-Making and Messaging.

A social network that facilitates connections, deal-flow and decision-making to allow members to curate the best startup deals in the market. This is a member-only, self-regulating community that is exclusive to angels where deal-flow is filtered based on the investor’s interest.

  • Access to members
  • Vetted deal-flow
  • Shared DD
  • Social connections
  • Interest-based
  • NDAs

Angel Match-Making

Connect with other investors, board members and mentors.

We are mobilizing the entire ecosystem of Angels in the Nordics to support the region and strengthen our position as innovation leaders globally – today and tomorrow. By facilitating better opportunities to connect, we can unite communities across borders and achieve bigger goals.

  • Interest and expertise based matching
  • High Trust Network
Syndicates & SPVS

Invest together

Create syndicates and SPVs with other members.

Members can join or create syndicates, pool resources and co-invest in startups together. Our platform also allows members to set up and manage their own SPVs, giving them greater control in their investments and bigger ownership in startups.

  • Ability to pool more capital
  • Co-invest with friends
  • Earn carry
  • Smaller ticket sizes
  • Invest like a VC

Events & Meetups

Superior networking


Held in premium settings, our famous Luncheons bring together the most influential investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders for an exclusive gathering of like-minded individuals.


Angel Prize

With the purpose of bringing together those who have the power to influence and shape the future of Sweden’s ecosystems, Angel Prize is a celebration of the accomplishments of the Community.

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Superior networking


Our insightful sessions provide startups with a valuable platform to showcase their groundbreaking innovations, while also offering investors an opportunity to find potential ventures.

Patric blir Ängel

Patric blir Ängel is a podcast, where in each episode, our host Patric, your perfectly average Swede, sits down with the most successful angel investors to learn the tricks of the trade and demystify the world of venture capital.

Future Opportunities


Q1 2024
Invite and manage your best clients and ambassadors as business partners and incorporate them directly into your business on our NAPS platform.


Digital private banking meets competent family office.


Coming soon. 

State of European Angels

This year we will announce and release our annual report on the State of European Angel investing.


Aiming to connect investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and venture capital firms - Our database will be a searchable library for all members.


Nordic Angels was created by Ash Pournouri and Andreas Grape in the year of the pandemic, in August of 2020, as the need for community and collaboration became more apparent than ever. As the world took a giant leap into digitalization, there was a clear need to do the same for the startup community with no competent solution in sight. The vision stems from a necessity to build a stronger presence and position for capital, competence and community in local startup ecosystems, rather than seeing the Nordic region being disfavoured for larger financial markets.

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