🇸🇪   In the latest episode of Patric blir Ängel, Nora Bavey from Unconventional Ventures shares her journey from being a single mother to leading a quarter-billion impact fund. This episode is a must-watch for investors seeking inspiration and a lesson on how to save the world and make money at the same time.

🇺🇸 🔎  OpenAI announced a new flagship generative AI model that they call GPT-4o — the “o” stands for “omni,” referring to the model’s ability to handle text, speech, and video. GPT-4o is set to roll out “iteratively” across the company’s developer and consumer-facing products over the next few weeks.

🇪🇺 💰 Wayve, an AI company specializing in autonomous vehicles and machinery, makes Europe’s biggest funding round this year by raising over 10 billion kronor from Softbank, Nvidia, and Microsoft.

🇸🇪 ♻️ Which are the 10 fastest-growing companies in the Nordics in terms of team size? Climate technology dominates the list of the fastest-growing teams in the Nordics in 2024, topped by Swedish Aira, which grew by 258% over the year, followed by Danish Flatpay at 174%.

🇺🇸 👁  Apple and Google have introduced a new industry standard to alert users when unknown Bluetooth devices could be used to track them. iPhone and Android users will now start receiving notifications if there is a risk they are being tracked by such devices.

🇷🇺🛢  Russia claims to have discovered huge oil and gas reserves on British territory, raising concerns about drilling. Approximately 500 billion barrels of oil, which is ten times more than what the North Sea produces, are said to have been found in the area.

🌏 🔥 For the eleventh month in a row, global temperature records have been broken. April was no exception and was the hottest April on record according to the EU’s climate service Copernicus.