Nordic Angels is founded by successful business angels who came together to support and fund early-stage startups with high growth potential. Members of the network bring not only financial capital, but also valuable industry connections and expertise to the table.


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Founding members

  • Alan Mamedi
    • CEO & Co-founder
    • Angel
      Albacross, Cred, Soundtrap

    Alan is the CEO and co-founder of telecom giant Truecaller, a true pioneer in its industry. Prior to co-founding Truecaller, Alan co-founded Mö and He also founded in 2006.

  • Alfred Ruth
    • Founding Partner
    • Author
      Fermi Media AB
    • Angel
      Kitab Sawti, Bokio, Mavenoid, Century Analytics, Hello Shim

    Alfred co-founded Videoplaza, a company he sold in 2014. Alfred invests in disruptive tech and artificial intelligence through Author of Fermis Filter, a science fiction trilogy investigating how artificial intelligence will affect our everyday lives.

  • Andreas Grape
    • Founder
      Nordic Angels, One Agency
    • Angel
      SAVR, Academic Work, Mioo, Wisory, Cinode, Syncc, Logcast, Idkollen

    Involved in Stockholm’s venture landscape for 20 years. Founded One Agency, which was acquired back in 2021, and has established Nordic Angels. As an active angel investor and advisor, Andreas contributes actively to Stockholm’s tech scene, providing valuable guidance and support to numerous ventures.

  • Anna Storåkers
    • Board of Directors
      Nordax Bank, Max Matthiesen, Ludvig & Co.
    • Angel
      Paytrim, Kreditz, Geoguesser, Storykit

    Board professional and investor in the European banking sector with assignments for ABN Ambro, Nordax Bank, Nordea and Max Matthiesen. Anna is an expert in anything related to fintech. Her latest operational assignment was as the head of Nordea’s Swedish operations.

  • Åsa Hedin
    • Chair of the Board
      Tobii Dynavox, Artificial Solutions, Swedish Tennis Federation

    A true board professional with specialities in commercialisation, digital transformation and implementation. Åsa is a scaleup specialist who’s taken part in scaling brands like Elekta and Filippa K. Holds board assignments as Chair in Tobii Dynavox, Artificial Solutions, the Swedish Tennis Federation, as a member in Nolato, Cellavision, Tobii and more. Advisor to Chalmers University of Technology in the fields of microtechnology and nanoscience.

  • Ash Pournouri
    • Founder
      Nordic Angels, UNLTD, Brilliant Minds, Convendum, Audius, Mind Medicine.
    • Partner / Angel
      Triller, Antler, Bolt, Nothing, TSX

    A serial entrepreneur who has built a number of worldwide brands and whose private seed portfolio has reached its sixth unicorn. Angel who has invested in a large number of companies.

  • Atte Hujanen
    • CEO & Co-founder
    • Board
      Etko Brewing

    Atte was part of the founding team of Slush, the Nordics’ largest startup event. Today, Atte is digitising and redefining an entire industry, striking at something that people already love to do – singing.

  • Björn Nilsson
    • Private Investor. Co-founder & Ex Senior Partner

    Björn is a private investor with a background in banking and finance. For some 20 years, Björn was a senior partner at Triton, an international investment firm that he co-founded. Björn is a philanthropist and serves on committees of the Human Rights Watch and Room to Read.

  • Boel Rydenå-Swartling
    • Co-founder
      Charge Amps, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day
    • Board
      Propel Capital, Covitum
    • Angel
      Care to Translate, Covitum, Gigital, Prion, Propel Capital

    Sustainability entrepreneur, angel investor and author of the book Hjärnsmart. Boel is one of Sweden’s most influential people in the field of sustainability. Co-founder of the electric vehicle charging company Charge Amps and initiator of Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day.

  • Christian Ehrhardt
    • Founder
    • Angel
      Appjobs, Care to translate, Braive, Airmee, Medituner, Medicheck, Twistshake, WeHype
    • Board

    Background as CEO and COO at Vitamin Well, with a wide experience of board work, as an advisor to successful entrepreneurs, and with building great companies. Now running Rentr, effortless trailer rental.

  • Christopher Slim
    • CEO & Co-founder
    • Partner
      Do Good Invest
    • Investor
      N!CKS, Oatly, Kavall, Inika Superfoods, Oatlaws, El Taco Truck

    CEO and co-founder of Nicoya, one of the most active foodtech investors in the Nordics. Deep industry knowledge in FMCG, brand strategy and finance. Christopher puts his capital and efforts to good use by helping to transform the global food system.

  • Claes Mikko Nilsen
    • Investment Director
      Nordic Ninja VC
    • Co-founder

    As a co-founder of FiBAN (Finnish Business Angels Network), Claes-Mikko has been actively involved in building the Nordic startup ecosystem since 2010. Today, FiBAN is one of the largest active business angel networks in the world.

  • Claude Finckenberg
    • Founder

    Investor based in Helsinki with a strong international capacity to help companies enter South-East Asia, Korea or Japan. Claude is an experienced investment banker and a passionate angel investor.

  • Daniel Pilotti
    • Co-founder
      Ryska Posten
    • Angel
      Airnium, Budbee, Boappa, Instabox, Hailey HR, NEA, Mantle, Sellpy, Skrym, WarOnCancer

    Co-founder of the logistics and express delivery service Ryska Posten. Daniel is considered as one of Sweden’s most powerful tech investors. An active angel investor and an expert in logistics solutions and tech.

  • Erik Byrenius
    • Co-founder
      OnlinePizza, Trellis Road
    • Founder
    • Angel
      Elsa Science, Rivalfox, Mavenoide, Stockeld Dreamery

    Co-founded OnlinePizza and was the CEO until he sold the company to Delivery Hero in 2012. Erik is passionate about helping other tech startups, partly by building stuff for the ecosystem and partly by investing in and advising startups through Trellis Road.

  • Fredrik Berglund
    • Founder
    • Angel / Board
      DCC Investment Club, NK Padel by Ascaro

    Founder of PocketMobile, a worldwide leading supplier of mobility solutions, which he sold to the British Royal Mail that had the need for his solutions all over the world. Since then, Fredrik has become a super angel with allocations in over 60 unlisted companies.

  • Gunilla von Platen
    • Founder
      Xzakt Kundrelation
    • Partner
    • Board
      Kungl. IVA Näringslivsråd
    • Vice Chair
      UN Women National Committee Sweden

    Known as one of Sweden’s most prolific entrepreneurs and as a philanthropist who is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. Gunilla founded Xzakt Kundrelation, which she then sold to Transcom, where she today is a partner and board member. Hostess for the Swedish version of the television show The Apprentice.

  • Jacob de Geer
    • Co-founder
    • Angel
      Nothing, Majority, SAVR, Voi, Airmee, Lace Laboratory, Combify, ArK Kapital, Petli, Meitner

    Widely considered as one of the most influential leaders in fintech and a renowned investor in many successful startups. Jacob is a co-founder and the ex-CEO of iZettle, a company that he sold to PayPal. A super angel praised for his involvement in the tv-show Draknästet.

  • Jeremias Andersson
    • Co-founder & Board
      Academic Work
    • Angel
      Hailey HR, Relate, Kognity, Digiexam, Consupedia, Spira, InGolf, Lingio

    Co-founder of the highly successful staffing and recruitment company Academic Work. Jeremias is passionate about education and helping youths in society. An active investor in many high-growth startups.

  • Johan Siwers
    • Partner
      Recapex, DHS, PES Holdings
    • Angel
      SAVR, Padel by Ascaro, Insurello, Attach, Yepstr, ZealiD, Typelane

    A seasoned digital executive with a passion for entrepreneurial game-changing technologies. Johan has been involved in breaking ground for a wide range of digital ventures within companies like Axel Johnson, Kinnevik, Spray, Schibsted and IAC. Prominent angel investor and senior advisor to some of Sweden’s finest entrepreneurs.

  • Johanna Wollert Melin
    • Founder
      Trice Imaging Inc
    • CEO
      Trice Imaging Europe
    • Board
      STING, Helga Invest

    Founder and board member of Trice Imaging, a global leader in cloud-based medical imaging. Johanna is passionate about helping other founders and supports numerous startups through her involvement as an advisor and board member in Stockholm Innovation and Growth (STING).

  • John Elvesjö
    • Founder
    • Managing Partner & Co-founder
      Brightly Ventures
    • Managing Partner
    • Board
      Zevoy, Yabie, Swedish Space Corporation

    Serial entrepreneur and investor. Founder of the listed company Tobii, the world leader in eye-tracking technology. Venture capitalist at Brightly Ventures with investments in companies such as Zevoy, Debricked, Hooked Foods and Yabie. Managing Partner of, a firm investing early in Nordic game-changers.

  • Jonas Mårtensson
    • Executive Strategy Advisor & Ex CEO
      Mojang Studios
    • Angel
      NAKD, Happy Socks, Bounce

    Former CEO of Mojang Studios, the creative studio behind Minecraft, which was acquired by Microsoft. Prior, Jonas founded betting operator, which he later sold. Jonas invests as an angel and through AGOF, with allocations in companies like Casumo, Brite and Funrock.

  • Karl-Johan Persson
    • Chairman
    • Angel
      Budbee,, Sellpy, Kivra, Fyndiq, Pricerunner, Debricked, Lassie, Transfer Galaxy, Orbital Systems, Ljusgårda, Flower

    One of the most recognised and influential private investors in all of the Nordics. Karl-Johan is the acting Chairman and the former CEO of Hennes & Mauritz. A very active angel investor, Karl-Johan invests through 41an Invest and through Phillian Invest.

  • Kremena Tosheva
    • Principal
      SNÖ Ventures
    • Angel
    • CEO
      The Cutting Edge Festival
    • Board
      Alliance Venture Spring

    A prominent figure in the Norwegian startup ecosystem, notably building Norway’s largest tech conference, the Cutting Edge Festival, from 2015 to 2018. Currently, Kremena invests in high-growth technology companies with SNÖ Ventures and supports the brightest and most ambitious entrepreneurs in the Nordic ecosystem.

  • Lars Lindgren
    • Investor & Chairman
      DHS Venture Partners, Curus
    • Angel
      Yepstr, Health Integrator, Exeger, Learnster, Airnium, Karma, Treyd

    Has been an angel investor since 1984. Lars has invested in over 80 startups and has taken companies public in Sweden, France and the US. Founder of SVCA, the Swedish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. A pioneer within the Swedish venture capital industry.

  • Louise Ringström Grandinson
    • CFO
    • Senior Advisor & Ex CEO
      SRS Security. Angel – Parakey
    • Board
      Convendum, G-Loot

    A seasoned executive that has driven digitalisation and M&A activities across organisations and companies since 2011. Has been named by Veckans Affärer as one of Sweden’s Supertalents, and as one of the Most Powerful Women in Digital.

  • Louise Samet
    • Angel
      Pleo, Elsa Science, Anyfin, Paytronage, Grace, Gofrendly, Stravito, Legal Monster

    An early employee of the Swedish major export success-story Klarna, as well as the impact leader Norrsken. Louise is an expert on anything related to fintech. A former partner at London-based Blossom Capital. Today, an angel investor with allocations in fintech leaders such as Pleo and Anyfin.

  • Magnus Emilson
    • Founder & Chairman
      Visit Group
    • Co-founder
      ESS Group
    • Angel
      NA-KD, Tradedoubler, Atomize, Bookatable, Jetshop

    One of Sweden’s most influential angels with a strong presence in the hotel and tourism industry. Magnus is a major owner of NA-KD, a serial entrepreneur, and known by many as perhaps the most powerful angel investor in Gothenburg.

  • Marcus Boström
    • Founder & Chairman
    • Co-founder
      Keystone Education Group
    • Angel
      Oatlaws, Hypertype, Vitala, Orderhero, N!CKS, Airpelagio

    A serial entrepreneur with a deep technological understanding of the internet and software. Marcus is an active angel investor, and the founder and acting chairman of Vå, the largest gathering place for legitimate healthcare in Sweden.

  • Martin Randel
    • Co-founder & Board
      Unifaun, Vitamin Well
    • Angel
      Instabox, Budbee, Dreams, Matsmart, Atomize, Vionlabs, Nordtech, Evident

    An experienced entrepreneur, CEO, investor and board member with a demonstrated history of building successful companies. Martin co-founded Vitamin Well and Unifaun, two leading companies in their respective industry in northern Europe.

  • Martin Wattin
    • CEO
      Inbox Capital
    • Board
      Barnebys, Rabble, Zimpler
    • Investor
      Truecaller, Kavall, Min Doktor, Fishbrain, Voi, Zaver, Scrive

    Started out as an IT entrepreneur with Contur Software that he sold to Accelrys in 2011. Today, Martin is the CEO of Inbox Capital, with many successful investments under his belt, including unicorns Truecaller and Voi. With many board assignments and investments, Martin is a venture capitalist powerhouse.

  • Mattias Miksche
    • Founder
      Boxman, Stardoll
    • Chairman
      Hypido, Raw Fury
    • Angel
      Teamtailor, Karma, Validio, Fishbrain, Sana Labs, Natural Cycles, Bokio, anotherblock

    A serial entrepreneur who founded Boxman, an online DVD rental subscription service, that he later on sold to Amazon. Then went on to start another success with Stardoll. Mattias is a highly regarded angel investor, with investments in many of Sweden’s most interesting tech startups.

  • Mikael Larsson
    • Founder, Main Owner & Chairman

    The founder, chairman, and main owner of Coeli, an asset manager trusted with around 40 Billion SEK under management. Mikael has an unparalleled understanding and experience of the financial markets and has been leading the Coeli corporate group since 1994.

  • Nicklas Bergman
    • Founder & CEO
      Intergalactic Industries
    • Strategic Advisor
      European Innovation Council

    Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and futurist who’s worked in deeptech for 20+ years. Nicklas manages investments made by the European Innovation Council, with the goal of investing in groundbreaking technologies for the future. With 40 Billion SEK to invest, the EIC fund is Europe’s largest deeptech fund.

  • Nicolaj Højer Nielsen
    • Angel
      Superb,, Handyhand, Crowdbook, Skin Bliss, Hubb Kitchens, MySecondEar, Doubble

    One of Denmark’s most prominent angel investors. Nicolaj is a serial entrepreneur and very active business angel who devotes a significant part of his time to helping other startups and strengthening the Danish ecosystem.

  • Niklas Anger
    • Head of Entrepreneurs & Client Acquisition
      Carnegie Investment Bank
    • Angel
      Padel by Ascaro, Vitamine, Polar Structure, Fan2Play

    After a successful ice hockey career that included 20 games for the Swedish national team, Niklas went on into the Nordic banking sector. Today, Niklas is an active angel investor, a market-maker, and puts his sharp sense of business to good use as Head of Sales for the Spotlight Stock Market.

  • Oskari Petas
    • Co-founder & Advisor
    • Angel
    • Board
      Green Planet Astronauts

    Oskari is a co-founder and an advisor for Wolt, the food delivery and quick commerce company sold to DoorDash for 7 billion euros. Also an active angel investor and venture capital LP.

  • Rustan Panday
    • Co-founder & Board
    • Angel
      Storytel, Blipp, Artportable, Vyer Technologies, Light Flex Portfolio, Golf Gamebook, Yabie

    Widely experienced and highly regarded within the media sector. Rustan is an active angel investor, entrepreneur and the founder of Mediaplanet, a media company with operations in 18 countries. Early investor and chairman of Storytel for over ten years.

  • Sophia Bendz
    • Partner
      Cherry Ventures
    • Angel
      Juni, Hedvig, Climateview, Sana Labs, Digiexam, Karma, Grace Health, Bokio, Joint Academy, GOALS, Mantle

    One of Sweden’s most renowned angel investors. Sophia was the global marketing director of Spotify and oversaw its growth into what it is today. A former partner at Atomico and innovation counsellor to the Swedish Prime Minister. Sophia invests privately and through her role as a Partner at Cherry Ventures.

  • Susanne Najafi
    • Founding Partner
      Backing Minds
    • Investor
      Dynamic Code, Transfer Galaxy, Combify, TrusTrace, Metry, Lingio, Skrym

    Serial entrepreneur with seven companies under her belt, including one of Sweden’s largest e-commerce companies in beauty care. Susanne is redefining venture capital with BackingMinds, a venture capital firm that focuses on underinvested segments and founders. Awarded as the Pioneer of the Year by the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf.

  • Tuva Palm
    • M&A & VP
      Utopia Music
    • Board Director
      Lunar, EasyPark
    • Angel
      Techbuddy, Insert Coin, Skira

    Product-savvy tech executive with 20+ years of experience in successfully building, developing, and scaling up organisations and products at companies such as Utopia Music, Klarna and Nordnet. Activist investor through SHE Invest, and angel investor in multiple startups.

  • Tyler Crowley
    • Founder
    • Host
      Tech News around the World

    Founder of the EU’s largest monthly startup event and Sweden’s startup festival. After helping to create a successful tech startup environment in Los Angeles, Tyler has been advising the cities of London and Stockholm on building thriving startup ecosystems. He is frequently credited for his contribution to making Stockholm the world’s new “unicorn factory” and the startup capital of Europe.

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Nordic Angels is founded by successful business angels who came together to support and fund early-stage startups with high growth potential. Members of the network bring not only financial capital, but also valuable industry connections and expertise to the table.


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