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  • Novatron raises 5 MEUR

    Novatron raises 5 MEUR

    (Stockholm, develops commercial fusion reactors): Has raised 5 MEUR in a funding round led by Climentum Capital, with KTH Holding, EIT InnoEnergy Santander InnoEnergy Climate Fund and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert participating. “With the exponential speed of technological advancements in the last decade, fusion is now moving from being a research project to an…

  • ReOrbit raises 7.4 MUSD

    ReOrbit raises 7.4 MUSD

    (Helsinki, provides autonomous and interconnected satellites optimized for efficient and reliable delivery of customer space-related data): Has raised 7.4 MUSD in a funding round led by Inventure with members Rebecka Löthman Rydå and Gwen Sandberg.10x Founders,, Expansion, and Yes VC also participated. ReOrbit enables real-time dataflow in space and can adapt its satellites to…

  • Snerpa Power raises 26 MSEK

    Snerpa Power raises 26 MSEK

    (Reykjavik, an energy management system that enables companies to leverage real-time data for improved and automated decision-making around electricity): Has raised 26 MSEK in a funding round led by Crowberry Capital and BackingMinds with founding member Susanne Najafi. “For a long time, we have been looking at investing in the broader energy sector, and when…

  • Yazen raises 37 MSEK

    Yazen raises 37 MSEK

    (Lund, a digital healthcare provider with the objective to help people with obesity): Has raised 37 MSEK in a funding round led by Luminar Ventures with members Magnus Bergman and Louise Hagen alongside existing investors. “Obesity is one of the greatest health problems of our time, costing healthcare and society enormous resources, not to mention…

  • Starcart raises 3.5 MEUR

    Starcart raises 3.5 MEUR

    (Helsinki, an eCommerce platform that finds the lowest prices of all online stores and does the shopping for you): Has raised 3.5 MEUR in a funding round led by Inventure with members Rebecka Löthman-Rydå and Gwen Sandberg. Business Finland and a group of unnamed angel investors participated as well. “Starcart’s insane metrics speak for themselves.…

  • Adsorbi raises 4.2 MSEK

    Adsorbi raises 4.2 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, a novel biomaterial efficient at capturing air pollutants): Has raised 4.2 MSEK in a funding round from Metsä Spring, Jovitech Invest and Chalmers Ventures with member Sara Wallin. Adsorbi aims to help industries in the sustainable transition using a super-material based on cellulose. The material is an adsorbent that is 5-8 times more efficient…

  • Charge Amps is acquired by Naas Technology

    Charge Amps is acquired by Naas Technology

    (Stockholm, smart charging solutions for electric vehicles): Has been acquired by the Nasdaq-listed Chinese energy service company Naas Technology for a fee amounting to 724 MSEK. Charge Amps, co-founded by founding member Boel Rydenå-Swartling, will continue its mission of making smart charging easy all over Europe under the Charge Amps brand.

  • Curus raises 43 MSEK

    Curus raises 43 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a healthtech-focused investment company): Has raised 43 MSEK in a funding round led by Alfvén & Didrikson. Stefan Bengtsson, Fredrik Strömholm, Klas Tikkanen, Johan Dettel, Versteegh Gruppen, Alexander Stendahl, Christian Dahlberg and founding member Lars Lindgren also participated. ”We are very happy to welcome several new investors whom will strengthen Curus with additional experience,…

  • Oatlaws raises 13 MSEK

    Oatlaws raises 13 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a foodtech brand with clean, vegan, and nutrient-packed food): Has raised 13 MSEK from its founders Joel Kinnaman, founding member Ash Pournouri and Nicoya with founding member Christopher Slim. Last year, Oatlaws tripled its sales and reached revenues of 9.7 million SEK.

  • Comptek Solutions raises 8 MEUR

    Comptek Solutions raises 8 MEUR

    (Turku, provides passivation technology for the semiconductor industry): Has raised 8 MEUR in a funding round from LIFTT S.p.A. and the EIC Fund with founding member Nicklas Bergman on the investment advisory board. The fresh funding will see the company grow as it expands its team and extends its technology portfolio.