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  • Reclaimit raises 30 MSEK

    Reclaimit raises 30 MSEK

    (Stockholm, customized solutions for automated returns and warranty management for circular shopping): Has raised 30 MSEK in a funding round from Qvantea, Jim Löfgren, Anton Johansson and Spintop Ventures with members Peter Carlsson and Isabel Nilson. “We are experiencing an incredibly exciting time right now at Reclaimit, with new customers such as CDON, ByMalina, and Salling Group, but also rapid expansion and several key recruitments,” comments Wilhelm Hamilton, CEO…

  • Ljusgårda raises 87 MSEK

    Ljusgårda raises 87 MSEK

    (Tibro, grows salad in a circular indoor cultivation system): Has raised 87 MSEK in a funding round from existing investors including the founders Andreas Wilhelmsson and Erik Lundgren as well as founding member Karl-Johan Persson, Back in Black and Jula Miljö och Energi. “We are among the best in the world at production, which is why we can sell the salad for 14.90 SEK…

  • Ankra raises 12.5 MSEK

    Ankra raises 12.5 MSEK

    (Stockholm, automates technical maintenance to free up time for developers): Has raised 12.5 MSEK in a funding round from Superseed, along with British and Swedish angel investors, including member Jens Ingelstedt. “Our goal is to completely liberate developers from setting up and maintaining their infrastructure in the cloud so they can go back to focusing on what…

  • Waytobill raises 5.5 MSEK

    Waytobill raises 5.5 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a solution for more convenient billing): Has raised 5.5 MSEK in a funding round from member Micael Holmström and Wellstreetwith members Evelina Anttila and Armando Coppola. “We want to participate and lead the next step in the evolution of the financial system by investing and supporting fintech startups specializing in financial infrastructure”, comments Armando Coppola, partner at Wellstreet.

  • Hailey HR secures 20 MSEK

    Hailey HR secures 20 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a one-stop platform for all HR processes): Has secured 20 MSEK in a venture loan from Ark Kapital. Early investors include founding members Karl-Johan Persson, Martin Randel and Daniel Pilotti. Hailey HR is expected to reach 35 MSEK in annual recurring revenue in 2023, with the new capital to be used to grow the platform and further expand in Europe.

  • Pixelgen Technologies raises 7.3 MUSD

    Pixelgen Technologies raises 7.3 MUSD

    (Stockholm, develops tools for the mapping of cell surface proteins and their spatial inter-relationships): Has raised 7.3 MUSD in a funding round from Navigare Ventures and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. “As we enter this next phase of growth, we are grateful and honored to have the support and expertise of Industrifonden and Navigare Ventures and look forward to their contributions,” comments Simon…

  • ByWIT secures 90 MSEK

    ByWIT secures 90 MSEK

    (Stockholm, an investment firm focusing on high-growth digital companies): Has secured 90 MSEK to its new fund. Investors backing the fund include Coeli with founding member Mikael Larsson. “By WIT has a clear strategy to invest long-term in digital growth companies that create structural change and streamline the industries in which they operate. In the recession we are currently…

  • Manico raises 2 MSEK

    Manico raises 2 MSEK

    (Norrköping, multi-touch tablets designed for collaborative, engaging digital experiences built to deliver superior education): Has raised 2 MSEK in a funding round from Katalysen Ventures with member Peter Almberg. The Manico platform is designed to foster collaborative learning not only within educational institutions but also in diverse settings like museums, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and elderly homes.

  • Cellevate raises 39 MSEK

    Cellevate raises 39 MSEK

    (Lund, develops the next generation of cell culture systems designed to revolutionize biomanufacturing): Has raised 39 MSEK in a funding round from Onsight Ventures, the EIC with founding member Nicklas Bergmanon the investment board and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. “We look forward to a long-term partnership with Cellevate as they advance their mission of driving innovation in biomanufacturing,” comments Mala Valroy, Investment Manager Industrifonden.

  • Fast Travel Games raises 42 MSEK

    Fast Travel Games raises 42 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a VR game developer): Has raised 42 MSEK in a funding round from Handelsbanken Fonder, Inbox Capital with members Martin Wattin and Markus Kitunen, Creades, Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert, and Brightly Ventures with members John Elvesjö and Kerstin Cooley. Fast Travel Games was valued at 320 MSEK in the round.