🇸🇪   From the fintech unicorn Bambora to a partner at the international VC, Peak. With experiences from both sides of the investment table, Indra Sharma today manages a fund of 1.6 billion in the search for the Nordics’ next big tech success. Tune in and learn more about how a VC thinks in the eleventh episode of Patric blir Ängel.

🇪🇺 💰  Mega-rounds in Europe are back. The first quarter shows record levels of mega-rounds in financing, similar to the peak in Q2 2022, reports Sifted. With 42 rounds of over 100 million dollars each, capital is flowing in. Germany leads in the number of rounds, with Sweden closely behind. Among the most diligent investors in the rounds were the European Investment Bank and Kinnevik.

🇸🇪 💪🏻  Generative AI is estimated to increase Sweden’s annual GDP by over 500 billion kronor in 10 years – if the right efforts are made in time, according to a new report by Google. Over 65 percent of Swedish jobs are estimated to be able to utilize generative AI.

🇸🇪 🌟 The AI revolution is sweeping across the world, and Sweden is at the forefront with high-profile startups, thought leaders, and heavy investors. Breakit is now presenting an exclusive overview of the 100 most influential people in AI Sweden.

🇺🇸 🛻 Both in terms of vehicle sales and stock price, Tesla has been fluctuating recently. Now, Tesla is laying off 10 percent of its global workforce, after having lost about 32 percent of its market value since the turn of the year.

🇪🇺 💸 About 18% of global venture capital was allocated to European startups during the first quarter of 2024. North America accounted for just over 50% of the total. Financing amounted to a total of 11.8 billion dollars in Europe.

🇺🇸 👀 33 percent of all teenagers in the USA have a VR device of some sort today. This is shown by a survey from Piper Sandler.