Location: Norway

  • Red Rover raises 14 MEUR

    Red Rover raises 14 MEUR

    (Oslo, creates novel and engaging multiplayer experiences in games): Has raised 14 MEUR in a funding round led by KRAFTON. Tirta Ventures, Overwolf, The Games Fund, GEM Capital, Lifelike Capital, and Acequia Capital, and Behold Ventures with member Karl Magnus Troedsson also participated. “Having KRAFTON, alongside our other fantastic investors and partners onboard, is incredibly validating for the entire team at Red Rover,” comments Fred Richardson, CEO of Red Rover.

  • Photoncycle raises 5 MEUR

    Photoncycle raises 5 MEUR

    (Oslo, is developing a space-effective and autonomous energy system powered by the sun): Has raised 5 MEUR in a funding round from Lifeline Ventures, Momentum Partners, Eviny Ventures and Luminar Ventures with members Magnus Bergman and Louise Hagen. “The team’s groundbreaking work in energy storage has the potential to revolutionize how we approach renewable energy, making European households energy self-sufficient,” comments Jacob Key, Founding Partner…

  • Verdane secures 12 billion SEK

    Verdane secures 12 billion SEK

    (Oslo, a venture capital firm specializing in tech and sustainability): Has secured 12 billion SEK for its new fund. In September, Verdane closed another fund, Freya XI, at the same level. This means that they’ve secured 24.6 billion SEK in the last 4 months. “We are standing strong in a troubled time, with a lot of capital to…

  • 1X raises 100 MUSD

    1X raises 100 MUSD

    (Oslo, an AI and humanoid robotics firm): Has raised 100 MUSD in a funding round from Sandwater, Samsung Next, Skagerak Ventures, Nistadgruppen and EQT Ventures with member Carl Svantesson. Early investors include OpenAI. The investment will support the development of NEO, a humanoid robot for consumer use. “From Leonardo da Vinci, to today’s sci-fi, people have dreamed of humanoid robots for more than 500 years.…

  • Deckmatch raises 1 MEUR

    Deckmatch raises 1 MEUR

    (Oslo, streamlines the VC investment process by evaluating start-ups’ pitch decks): Has raised 1 MEUR in a funding round co-led by Alliance VC and Skyfall Ventures with participation from founding member Nicolaj Højer Nielsen. Deckmatch’s solution evaluates startup pitch decks for the stage, sector and model of a business, the problem it’s solving, its scalability…

  • Aviant raises 1 MEUR

    Aviant raises 1 MEUR

    (Trondheim, door-to-door drone delivery services): Has raised 1 MEUR in a funding round from Innovation Norway. Early investors in Aviant include Luminar Ventures with members Magnus Bergman and Louise Hagen. With the new funding in place in place, Aviant is poised to expand its door-to-door delivery services to a broader European market.