Company size: Serie A

  • Comptek Solutions raises 8 MEUR

    Comptek Solutions raises 8 MEUR

    (Turku, provides passivation technology for the semiconductor industry): Has raised 8 MEUR in a funding round from LIFTT S.p.A. and the EIC Fund with founding member Nicklas Bergman on the investment advisory board. The fresh funding will see the company grow as it expands its team and extends its technology portfolio.

  • CodeScene raises 87 MSEK

    CodeScene raises 87 MSEK

    (Malmö, a next-generation software engineering intelligence tool that can predict malfunctions in code): Has raised 87 MSEK in a funding round led by Neqst. Existing investors Luminar Ventures with members Magnus Bergman and Louise Hagen alongside Inventure with members Rebecka Löthman Rydå and Gwen Sandberg participated as well. CodeScene was valued at 252 MSEK in…

  • Epishine raises 60 MSEK

    Epishine raises 60 MSEK

    (Linköping, organic solar cells for cutting-edge indoor light power): Has raised 60 MSEK in a funding round led by the Jula family with the Beijer family, Vigo Carlund, and founding member Karl-Johan Persson participating. Epishine, valued at 300 MSEK pre-money in the transaction, is already preparing for another funding round later this year.

  • ClimateView raises 160 MSEK

    ClimateView raises 160 MSEK

    (Stockholm, an impact intelligence platform for city climate planning): Has raised 160 MSEK in a funding round led by 2050. Commerz Ventures, Norrsken, Sandwater, SEB and Polar Structure with member Tobias Emanuelsson alongside Nordic Ninja VC with founding member Claes Mikko Nilsen also participated. ClimateView was valued at 435 MSEK in the round.