Company size: Seed –

  • Boni raises 4 MSEK

    Boni raises 4 MSEK

    (Stockholm, an interior design platform helping interior designers save time): Has raised 4 MSEK in a funding round from Mikael Sjögren, Marie-Louise Sjögren, Daniel Mauno Pettersson and member Erik Segerborg. “It feels fantastic to bring in investors with such a wide range of expertise in AI, purchasing, marketplace, and SaaS. They share our vision,” comments Carin Gunnstam.

  • Mantle 32 MSEK

    Mantle 32 MSEK

    (Stockholm, products for transformative skincare): Has raised 32 MSEK in a funding round from Venrex, a London-based VC. Early investors in Mantle include founding members Tuva Palm and Sophia Bendz alongside member David Klagsbrun. “It feels fantastic to enter the new year with Venrex as a shareholder. Their investment is a testament to the fact that we have built a strong company so far and…

  • Manico raises 2 MSEK

    Manico raises 2 MSEK

    (Norrköping, multi-touch tablets designed for collaborative, engaging digital experiences built to deliver superior education): Has raised 2 MSEK in a funding round from Katalysen Ventures with member Peter Almberg. The Manico platform is designed to foster collaborative learning not only within educational institutions but also in diverse settings like museums, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and elderly homes.

  • Leya raises 1.4MSEK

    Leya raises 1.4MSEK

    (Stockholm, uses generative AI to automate legal work): Has raised 1.4 MSEK in a funding round from Y-Combinator. Early investors in Leya include Joel Hellermark and member Erik Engellau-Nilsson. “During the summer, we built a product, got paying customers, and ‘term sheets’ from other ‘VCs’, which of course made it easier the second time. It feels very fun to have joined…

  • Alba Health raises 2 MUSD

    Alba Health raises 2 MUSD

    (Stockholm, provides digital gut health support for children): Has raised 2 MUSD in a funding round led by Voima Ventures with participation from Octopus Ventures, Noaber, Joyance Partners, the cofounders of Oura and Bust VC with member David Klagsbrun. With a commitment to invest in strong scientific foundations, Alba Health has notably established a research…