Company size: Seed +

  • Deedster raises 15 MSEK

    Deedster raises 15 MSEK

    (Stockholm, making climate action fun through engaging technology): Has raised 15 MSEK in a funding round from Wellstreet with members Evelina Anttila, Helen von Bahr, Maria Lindholm, Henric Enhörning, and Armando Coppola. “Wellstreet’s offering goes beyond financing. We share the same values, and with their hands-on approach and strong expertise in fintech, it makes them a very attractive partner,” comments Niclas Persson, CEO and…

  • Zeropoint Technologies raises 60 MSEK

    Zeropoint Technologies raises 60 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, technology that can reduce the energy consumption of data centers by more than 25% and increase performance): Has raised 60 MSEK in a funding round led by Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. Matterwave Ventures, Chalmers Ventures, and Climentum Capital also participated. The new capital will be used to grow and expand the company’s international…

  • Cetasol raises 2 MEUR

    Cetasol raises 2 MEUR

    (Gothenburg, AI-powered energy optimization solutions for marine sustainability): Has raised 2 MEUR in a funding round from Sarsia, ShipsFocus and Impact X Capital. Early investors in Cetasol include member Daniel Rundgren. Cetasol’s platform is an AI-driven decision support system to reduce emissions through energy optimization. It’s compatible with any vessel, offering actionable insights and real-time support.

  • LinkedClient raises 17 MSEK

    LinkedClient raises 17 MSEK

    (Stockholm, an AI assistant for salespeople that increases efficiency, close rate, and reduces cost and administration): Has raised 17 MSEK in a funding round from member Henrik Garvner. Currently, LinkedClient has 170 active customers in over 28 countries. The subscription-based service generates 10 MSEK per year in license revenues.

  • Hercare raises 2.8 MSEK

    Hercare raises 2.8 MSEK

     (Stockholm, a platform for women’s health and care): Has raised 2.8 MSEK in a funding round from Captea Markets, Cedarstorm, Anteris, Anna Dyhre, Lotta Losmee and member Maria Rankka. Hercare was valued at 12.8 MSEK in the round.

  • DREV raises 8 MSEK

    DREV raises 8 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, specializes in manufacturing contamination control solutions for battery factories and its value chains): Has raised 8 MSEK in a funding round from Unconventional Ventures with members Nora Bavey and Thea Messel. “DREV’s innovative approach to battery manufacturing safety and material recovery will not only redefine industry standards but also make a significant impact on environmental sustainability,” comments Nora Bavey.

  • Southern Lights raises 18 MSEK

    Southern Lights raises 18 MSEK

    (Stockholm, software solutions to unlock the development of green hydrogen projects): Has raised 18 MSEK in a funding round from Greencode Ventures, Wepa Ventures, and BLING Capital with members Deqa Abukar and Adnan Yousuf. “SaaS solutions for energy are crucial in the fight against climate change, and we are perfectly positioned in terms of timing with the perfect team and expertise to…

  • CemVision raises 110 MSEK

    CemVision raises 110 MSEK

    (Stockholm, re-inventing cement by making it  environmentally friendly and technically superior): Has raised 110 MSEK in a funding round from Zacua Ventures, Polar Structure with member Tobias Emanuelsson and BackingMinds with founding member Susanne Najafi. “After meeting investors from around the world, we concluded that some of the best is just around the corner, and we are pleased that Polar Structure and BackingMinds are deepening their commitment…

  • Logcast raises 6.8 MSEK

    Logcast raises 6.8 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a blockchain-based voice streaming platform that connects people through short updates in everyday life): Has raised 6.8 MSEK in a funding round from a group of undisclosed investors. Early investors include member Johan Dennelind and founding member Andreas Grape. Logcast was valued at 150 MSEK in the round.

  • eComID raises 27 MSEK

    eComID raises 27 MSEK

     (Stockholm, empowers global online retailers to collaboratively reduce product returns): Has raised 27 MSEK in a funding round from CapitalT, Anaheta Bernenberg-Consbruch, Madeleine Persson and H&M Group Ventures with founding member Karl-Johan Persson. “At CapitalT, we believe that fantastic people create fantastic companies, and the founding team of eComID impressed us from the first meeting with their shared passion, energy, and early positive results,” comments Janneke…