Nordic Angels is a member-focused startup investor community. Our members are users of our platforms and/or participants in our events.

Members of Nordic Angels are individuals who contribute to the startup scene through capital, time, network, and/or other activities. Members support the network by sharing opportunities, inviting their network of angels, and connecting with others who want to contribute to the ecosystem.  

Nordic Angels is an invite-only and exclusive community. All members are vouched for and invited by other members to create a high trust environment. High trust is essential for community, well-being, effective cooperation, and a healthy startup ecosystem. With high trust, startup ecosystems succeed faster, better, and at a lower cost.

Nordic Angels is not a bank, broker, financial institution, venture fund, or advisor. We are an initiative looking to unite the benefactors in the startup and scaleup scene. Our members are interested in investing in privately held companies or ventures typically in an early stage of development but also in later stages.

For the safety of our members and in order to maintain high trust in our platforms please follow these guidelines:

Code of conduct

• Keep a high standard of integrity and safeguard the interests of all members and the network as a whole.

• Avoid sharing sensitive information without an NDA (available in the app).

• If you are initiating contact with a person, have a clear agenda.

• Rather than thinking about what you can get, consider what you can give.

• Avoid spamming.

• Be selective about who you invite to the platform and make sure they are valuable to the community.

• Please keep your profile updated.

• Don’t share information about other members or namedrop.

• Do not discriminate on the grounds of age, health, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, origin, language, race, skin color, ethnicity or nationality, religious or political views, and membership in a social group.

If a member fails to fulfill this code of conduct please report this to