Area of interest: Real Estate

  • Office Recycling raises 18 MSEK

    Office Recycling raises 18 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a recycling specialist): Has raised 18 MSEK in a funding round from AGV with member Omid Noghabai. “A very exciting company with a strong entrepreneurial drive. Now they are entering a new phase and modernizing waste management in the real estate industry with new technology, which aligns well with AGV’s values,” comments Felix Sandquist.

  • Minut raises 20 MUSD

    Minut raises 20 MUSD

    (Malmö, provides tools for improved property management for rentals): Has raised 20 MUSD in a funding round from Smedvig Capital, Almaz Capital, Kompas, Karma, KPN Ventures, SOSV, Verve and Zenith with member Erik Lindblad. “Minut has a fantastic opportunity to become the global leader in short-term rental property monitoring,” comments Freddie Kalfayan, senior associate at Smedvig Capital.

  • Norban raises 25MSEK

    Norban raises 25MSEK

    (Stockholm, a platform for pre-market real estate): Has raised 25 MSEK in a funding round led by VEQ with members Viktor Gällström and Maria Bergsten. Other investors include Neptunia Invest, Beijer Ventures, Falvir, Tibia Konsult, and Trustly’s CEO Johan Tjärnberg. “They are changing a whole market which is very exciting and we are convinced they are onto something big,” comments Viktor Gällström.

  • Realforce raises 50 MSEK

    Realforce raises 50 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, a platform with marketing automation for real estate): Has raised 50 MSEK in a funding round from Spiltan Invest, Starbright Invest, existing investors, a couple of employees, and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. Previously known as Adfenix, Realforce reached an annual turnover of 100 MSEK in 2022. The company was founded by member Gabriel…