Area of interest: eCommerce

  • Artportable raises 1.8 MSEK

    Artportable raises 1.8 MSEK

    (Stockholm, Scandinavia’s largest online art gallery): Has raised 1.8 MSEK in a funding round from existing investors. Early investors include founding members John Elvesjö and Rustan Panday alongside members Andy Johnson, Samira Zarringhalam, Kerstin Cooley and Daniel Soussan. Artportable was valued at 67 MSEK in the round.

  • eComID raises 27 MSEK

    eComID raises 27 MSEK

     (Stockholm, empowers global online retailers to collaboratively reduce product returns): Has raised 27 MSEK in a funding round from CapitalT, Anaheta Bernenberg-Consbruch, Madeleine Persson and H&M Group Ventures with founding member Karl-Johan Persson. “At CapitalT, we believe that fantastic people create fantastic companies, and the founding team of eComID impressed us from the first meeting with their shared passion, energy, and early positive results,” comments Janneke…

  • Dealguru raises 10 MSEK

    Dealguru raises 10 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a community for people who love good offers and deals): Has raised 10 MSEK in a funding round from Gorilla Capital with member Petter Hattenbach, Innovestor, Nicklas Andersson and a handful of angel investors. “I love great deals, but there is no site that gathers all the really great offers and discounts. That’s why…

  • Footway raises 50 MSEK

    Footway raises 50 MSEK

    (Stockholm, an e-commerce store for shoes): Has raised 50 MSEK in a funding round from Rutger Arnhult, Christian De Luca, Anders Moberg, Svea Bank, Altocumulus, founding member Alan Mamedi and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. Footway will also start collaborating with Juni in a collaboration that includes Juni lending up to 30 MSEK to Footway. “This is the beginning of a long-term partnership, and we look forward to our collaboration,” comments Samir El-Sabini,…

  • Understatement raises 20 MSEK

    Understatement raises 20 MSEK

    (Stockholm, women’s underwear designed with comfort at the core and made to complement every body): Has raised 20 MSEK in a funding round from Yanno Capital with members Anna and Nicklas Storåkers alongside Mellby Gård, and Purefun. “Our investment in Understatement is based on a firm belief in the company’s strong potential and its unique position in the market. The company’s values, with a clear…

  • Visit Group raises 1 billion SEK

    Visit Group raises 1 billion SEK

    (Gothenburg, an e-commerce, distribution, and marketing platform for the tourism industry): Has raised 1 billion SEK from PSG Equity. Visit Group was valued at 2 billion SEK in the transaction. “Those of us active in the company continue to roll forward, while we bring in a strong global player who understands the hospitality industry from a digital perspective. Our…

  • NA-KD raises 170 MSEK

    NA-KD raises 170 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, a fashion company for women): Has raised 170 MSEK in a funding round led by Quadrille. Early investors in Na-kd include founding member Magnus Emilson. “It is a ‘game changer’ that will really give us the opportunity to elevate the company, I see it as us entering a new era,” comments Mattias Jacobsson, CEO at NA-KD.

  • Brink raises 20 MSEK

    Brink raises 20 MSEK

    (Stockholm, provides a serverless e-commerce solution for D2C brands): Has raised 20 MSEK in a funding round from Forward and Daniel Johnsson. Early investors include Wellstreet with members Evelina Anttila, Henric Enhörning, Armando Coppola, and Helen von Bahr. “The purpose is to continue fueling the growth Brink is experiencing and preparing it for an international expansion,” comments Christian Zanders.

  • Estrid raises 90 MSEK

    Estrid raises 90 MSEK

    (Stockholm, sells razors on a subscription basis): Has raised 90 MSEK in a funding round from both new and existing investors. Early investors in Estrid include members Siduri Poli and Samira Zarringhalam. Estrid was valued at 2 billion SEK in the round.

  • Fibbl raises 47MSEK

    Fibbl raises 47MSEK

    (Stockholm, creates 3D models of shoes for eCommerce): Has raised 47 MSEK in a funding round from earlier investors such as Pontus Lindwall and John Wattin, along with new investors Göran Garvner, Henrik Garvner and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. “We have around 30 clients today where we have proven our technology. Our clients have seen positive results from our service and now it’s…