Area of interest: Supply Chain Technology

  • Cellugy raise 4.9 MEUR

    Cellugy raise 4.9 MEUR

    (Søborg, developing innovative, natural, bio-fabricated cellulose-based solutions to replace fossil-based materials in various industrial applications): Has raised 4.9 MEUR in a funding round from EIFO, ICIGVentures, Joyance Partners, PSV DeepTech, The Footprint Firm, and Unconventional Ventures with members Nora Bavey and Thea Messel. “Reliance on fossil-based petrochemical ingredients is today’s most critical sustainability issue in producing personal care products. With our technology, we genuinely see…

  • TrusTrace raises 250 MSEK

    TrusTrace raises 250 MSEK

    (Stockholm, digital solutions for transparent and traceable supply chains in the fashion industry): Has raised 250 MSEK in a funding round from Circularity Capital, Fairpoint Capital and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. Early investors include BackingMinds with founding member Susanne Najafi. “We are very close to profitability and could turn to profitability in about six months if we decide to do so. But now…