Area of interest: Industry

  • Epishine raises 69 MSEK

    Epishine raises 69 MSEK

    (Linköping, captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered): Has raised 69 MSEK in a funding round from Pareto Securities. John Vigo Carlund, Jula Miljö & Energi, Klimatet Invest and founding member Karl-Johan Persson. Epishine was valued at 300 MSEK in the round.

  • Cellugy raise 4.9 MEUR

    Cellugy raise 4.9 MEUR

    (Søborg, developing innovative, natural, bio-fabricated cellulose-based solutions to replace fossil-based materials in various industrial applications): Has raised 4.9 MEUR in a funding round from EIFO, ICIGVentures, Joyance Partners, PSV DeepTech, The Footprint Firm, and Unconventional Ventures with members Nora Bavey and Thea Messel. “Reliance on fossil-based petrochemical ingredients is today’s most critical sustainability issue in producing personal care products. With our technology, we genuinely see…

  • Blykalla raises 80 MSEK

    Blykalla raises 80 MSEK

    (Stockholm, is developing and building small modular lead-cooled reactors to deliver clean energy): Has raised 80 MSEK in a funding round led by Norrsken Launcher with members Erik Engellau-Nilsson, Fredrik Jung Abbou and founding member Ash Pournouri. Nucleation Capital, Earth Venture Capital and Farvatn participated as well. Early investors include founding members Gunilla von Platen and Jacob de Geer. “Three years ago, it was said that it was impossible…

  • TrusTrace raises 250 MSEK

    TrusTrace raises 250 MSEK

    (Stockholm, digital solutions for transparent and traceable supply chains in the fashion industry): Has raised 250 MSEK in a funding round from Circularity Capital, Fairpoint Capital and Industrifonden with member Peter Wolpert. Early investors include BackingMinds with founding member Susanne Najafi. “We are very close to profitability and could turn to profitability in about six months if we decide to do so. But now…

  • Cling Systems raises 14.4 MSEK

    Cling Systems raises 14.4 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a platform enabling circular lithium-ion batteries): Has raised 14.4 MSEK in a funding round from existing investors, Truck VC and First Venture with member David Wendel. “As the flow of used batteries begins to increase, these solutions will expand to other players in the value chain,” Cling Systems writes in a comment.

  • Stilride receives 20 MSEK

    Stilride receives 20 MSEK

    (Stockholm, manufactures electric scooters with the unique process of industrial origami): Has secured 20 MSEK in grant funding from EIT Innoenergy and Vinnova. Early investors include member Tobias Emanuelsson. “To have a chance of reaching future climate goals, we must make giant strides, especially in construction and the mobility sectors. We possess technology that could potentially be one of…

  • Qvantum raises 260 MSEK

    Qvantum raises 260 MSEK

    (Åstorp, heat pump systems for apartments and commercial properties in Europe’s metropolitan areas): Has raised 260 MSEK in a funding round led by Thomas von Koch and IMAS. Early investors in Qvantum include NEA with member Jacob Brögger and backed by members Rustan Panday, Johan Skarborg, and Daniel Pilotti. The funding round happened in conjunction with a large acquisition of a manufacturing plant from Electrolux that will allow Qvantum to increase…

  • Trine raises 4 MSE

    Trine raises 4 MSE

    (Gothenburg, a platform that allows people to invest in solar energy projects): Has raised 4 MSEK in a funding round from non-disclosed investors. Early investors in Trine include members Carl Fhager and Alexander Hars. With the new capital accounted for, Trine has in total raised 70.5 MSEK since the beginning.

  • Emulate raises 32MSEK

    Emulate raises 32MSEK

    (Lund, a platform that lets energy companies offer so-called energy optimization services to their end customers, including so-called “virtual batteries” to store electricity in a new smart way): Has raised 32 MSEK in a funding round led by Course Corrected with members Kerstin Cooley and Christine Ahlstrand. “We will go live with five American energy companies next year. We see…

  • Trine raises 60MSEK

    Trine raises 60MSEK

    (Gothenburg, a platform that lets people invest in solar energy projects): Has raised 60 MSEK in a funding round from Gullspång Invest, Andrew Reicher, Sorosh Tavakoli, and Lars Thunell. Early investors in Trine include member Alexander Hars. The funding will be used to increase the capacity in areas with poor electrical access in east Africa.