Area of interest: Health

  • Hercare raises 2.8 MSEK

    Hercare raises 2.8 MSEK

     (Stockholm, a platform for women’s health and care): Has raised 2.8 MSEK in a funding round from Captea Markets, Cedarstorm, Anteris, Anna Dyhre, Lotta Losmee and member Maria Rankka. Hercare was valued at 12.8 MSEK in the round.

  • Onego Bio raises 40 MUSD

    Onego Bio raises 40 MUSD

    (Helsinki, produces animal-free egg protein via precision fermentation): Has raised 40 MUSD in a funding round led by NordicNinja VC with founding member Claes Mikko Nilsen. Tesi, EIT, Agronomics,, Holdix, Business Finland and Turret also participated. Onego Bios Series A funding round is one of the largest A-rounds lately in the Nordics, bringing the company’s total funding to 56 million USD.

  • Cellcolabs raises 90 MSEK

    Cellcolabs raises 90 MSEK

    (Stockholm, mass production of stem cells): Has raised 90 MSEK in a funding round led by Jens von Bahr and Fredrik Österberg. Also participating is Nordic Angels‘ latest initiative ACAP, which, along with 4 members, has invested 12 million in Cellcolabs. Read more about ACAP below. Cellcolabs is now accelerating its efforts to mass-produce stem cells for the global market. Do you also want to…

  • Vitala raises 15 MSEK

    Vitala raises 15 MSEK

    (Stockholm, an evidence-based digital platform that empowers healthcare providers to integrate exercise as medicine): Has raised 15 MSEK in a funding round from Fort Knox Förvaring, Huxley Invest, and Spintop Ventures with members Peter Carlsson and Isabel Nilson. “Patients are getting older, sicker and receiving more and more drugs. It is difficult to change. But we want to make it simple. Instead…

  • Mantle 32 MSEK

    Mantle 32 MSEK

    (Stockholm, products for transformative skincare): Has raised 32 MSEK in a funding round from Venrex, a London-based VC. Early investors in Mantle include founding members Tuva Palm and Sophia Bendz alongside member David Klagsbrun. “It feels fantastic to enter the new year with Venrex as a shareholder. Their investment is a testament to the fact that we have built a strong company so far and…

  • Joina raises 1.8 MSEK

    Joina raises 1.8 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a mobile application supporting fitness activities): Has raised 1.8 MSEK in a funding round from undisclosed investors. Joina, which has over 19,000 users, nearly half of whom pay for the service, has previously raised funding from Wellstreet with members Evelina Anttila, Helen von Bahr, Henric Enhörning and Armando Coppola.

  • Doctrin raises 33.5 MSEK

    Doctrin raises 33.5 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a digital healthcare platform): Has raised 33.5 MSEK in a funding round from a group of undisclosed investors. Early investors include Inbox Capital with founding member Martin Wattin and member Markus Kitunen. The capital will be used to fund the company’s continued growth journey and further development of its platform.

  • Sigrid Therapeutics raises 44 MSEK

    Sigrid Therapeutics raises 44 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a clinical-stage biotech company treating lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity): Has raised 44 MSEK in a funding round from existing investors together with new investors Martin Bjäringer and Ulf Wiinberg. Early investors in Sigrid include founding member Lars Lindgren. “We are ‘deep tech’ and have needed to research, develop, patent, and scale up production in a highly regulated…

  • Ljusgårda raises 87 MSEK

    Ljusgårda raises 87 MSEK

    (Tibro, grows salad in a circular indoor cultivation system): Has raised 87 MSEK in a funding round from existing investors including the founders Andreas Wilhelmsson and Erik Lundgren as well as founding member Karl-Johan Persson, Back in Black and Jula Miljö och Energi. “We are among the best in the world at production, which is why we can sell the salad for 14.90 SEK…

  • Oatlaws raises 13 MSEK

    Oatlaws raises 13 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a foodtech brand with clean, vegan, and nutrient-packed food): Has raised 13 MSEK from its founders Joel Kinnaman, founding member Ash Pournouri and Nicoya with founding member Christopher Slim. Last year, Oatlaws tripled its sales and reached revenues of 9.7 million SEK.