Area of interest: Health

  • Remente raises 2.2 MSEK

    Remente raises 2.2 MSEK

    (Gothenburg, a platform for mental wellness and personal development): Has raised 2.2 MSEK in a funding round from a group of undisclosed investors. Remente, founded by member David Brudö, received a valuation of 73.3 MSEK in the round. 

  • Belly Balance raises 3.5 MSEK

    Belly Balance raises 3.5 MSEK

    (Stockholm, a pioneering digital health platform that offers evidence-based solutions for individuals managing irritable bowel syndrome): Has raised 3.5 MSEK in a funding round from new and existing investors. Early investors include Curus with member Johan Bloom and founding member Lars Lindgren. The target audience for the Belly Balance platform is wide, as up to one in five Swedes is affected by…

  • Yazen raises 37 MSEK

    Yazen raises 37 MSEK

    (Lund, a digital healthcare provider with the objective to help people with obesity): Has raised 37 MSEK in a funding round led by Luminar Ventures with members Magnus Bergman and Louise Hagen alongside existing investors. “Obesity is one of the greatest health problems of our time, costing healthcare and society enormous resources, not to mention…

  • Alba Health raises 2 MUSD

    Alba Health raises 2 MUSD

    (Stockholm, provides digital gut health support for children): Has raised 2 MUSD in a funding round led by Voima Ventures with participation from Octopus Ventures, Noaber, Joyance Partners, the cofounders of Oura and Bust VC with member David Klagsbrun. With a commitment to invest in strong scientific foundations, Alba Health has notably established a research…